Management of the Waiting List

As part of its mandate, Transplant Québec manages the one and only registry of people awaiting an organ transplant in Quebec. Transplant Québec has established a rigorous and secure process to keep the list up to date.


The medical care received by people awaiting a transplant is not under the direct responsibility of Transplant Québec.

As such, when patients ask Transplant Québec for information about their condition or situation, we refer them to their attending physician or the transplant program at their hospital, as they are the ones with all the information needed to provide an answer.

Each transplant program is responsible for placing patients on Transplant Québec’s waiting list.

The transplant programs are also responsible for determining each patient’s status by applying the criteria developed by the various committees of medical specialists.

The programs also decide on any changes to be made to the list (temporary or permanent withdrawal of a patient from the list based on his or her health) and must notify Transplant Québec of any changes to the records of patients on the list.