Family Recognition Ceremony

Donor Recognition Ceremony


Every year in late October, the Canadian Organ Donors Association (CODA) honours deceased organ donors posthumously, while also honouring living donors, during a non-denominational ceremony at Saint-Michel’s Cathedral and Basilica in Sherbrooke. For more information or to register a donor for the ceremony and for the cenotaph and garden, visit the CODA Web site. 


CODA Recognition Ceremony for Families of Deceased Donors

Every year, during National Organ and Tissue Donation Week, an intimate ceremony is held at which Transplant Québec and Héma-Québec express their recognition and gratitude to the families of organ and tissue donors.

By invitation, families may take part in this special moment dedicated to them, where they can listen to testimonials from organ recipients and, if they wish, speak with them over the snack provided after the ceremony.

Representatives from Transplant Québec, Héma-Québec and certain hospitals also attend in order to speak with families and answer their questions, if any.

It is yet another opportunity to tell these families just how much their gesture matters and helps life go on.